Essa Conteh, meer dan alleen een gidsMy name is Essa and I would like to take you on excursions in and around The Gambia.

I’m a tourist guide and taxi driver, in my opinion an ideal combination to organise a fully arranged excursion of your choice and configuration (individual or in a small group). I’ll take you on a journey of adventurous discovery in my country and on request also in the land of my neighbors, Senegal. For you, everything is strange, different than usual. But I know my country, with all its customs, the enthusiasm and joy of life of its inhabitants. Unfortunately, this also includes poverty and the everyday task to look for the opportunity that will change a persons life in a positive way. In preperation for this holiday you may have noticed that there are people who are very persistent in offering you all kinds of services. With a smile and sometimes a strict word I will, without escalation, bring these people back to accepted behavior. In that regard, I see myself as your guard and advisor.

You will see I’m capable to build a bridge between your culture and my culture. Because of my presence you can move freely. Unexpected situations, unpredictable moments, will amaze you, make you smile and might even bring you to tears.
I am honest, reliable and sincere. I sense when distance or nearness is desired.

I would like to show you a mix of the famous highlights and funny or beautiful hidden places in my country. I will inform you and make you enthousiastic. It is an honor to show tourists around my country, if you’re enjoying yourself, I’m enjoying myself.

What’s still holding you back?
Contact me or make an appointment to discuss your wishes and to get your questions answered.

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