Kachikally Crocodile Pool and Museum

The Holy Crocodile Pool in Bakau is a must.

According to ancient animistic use it is believed that this pool holds supernatural healing power, mainly in the field of infertility. Women come from far and wide to bathe in the holy water in the hope of a good fertility. Many other ancient rituals are also carried out at the pool.┬áThe Kachikally Pool is a beautiful place and many people say it’s a spiritual place.

About 80 crocodiles live in this pool and you can pet most of them!
Whether it’s because they are being fed or that they are indeed holy crocodiles nobody knows. You can find several of these pools in The Gambia (some with, some without crocs) but the pool in Bakau is closest to the tourist area.

De ingang van KachikallyEen gedeelte van het museum
Krokodillen op de oeverJe kan de krokodillen ook aaien!

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