Lamin Lodge

In the mangrove forest lies the adventurous Lamin Lodge. It is so well hidden because the two-storey building is completely made of mangrove wood. This gives the Lamin Lodge the appearance of an enormous tree.

Actually, this lodge used to be an oyster farm, but because it was so exceptional, there is now a second lodge where you can enjoy food and drinks. The paved path to Lamin Lodge is made ​​of crushed oyster shells, there are also large piles of these shells on the side of the path. Because the oysters stick to the roots of the mangroves, women will scrape the oysters off at low tide, they will do this almost daily. The oysters are eaten, cooked and the shells are used to make ​​roads, just like the path leading to the Lamin Lodge itself.

From the Lamin Lodge you can also participate in fishing trips and bird trips or just sail around in a small boat.

De Lamin Lodge Het interieur van Lamin Lodge Een aap in de Lamin Lodge
Eén van de steigers rondom de Lamin Lodge De Lamin Lodge boom

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