Monkey Park

You will visit the Bijilo Monkey Park where you can play with monkeys as well as seeing and hearing many species of birds.

Near Kololi, Gambia’s tourist center, you will find Bijilo Forest Park, also known as Monkey Town. Bijilo Forest Park is a small rainforest reserve which is located on a cliff on the beach, 12 km away from Banjul.
The rainforest reserve is an old forest and covers an area of 126 hectares.
In 1991 the park was opened to the public and tourists for the first time, currently the park has about 23,000 visitors every year.
A footpath with a bench here and there wriggles its way through the varied forests, shrubs and sand dunes.

Bijilo Forest Park is home to over 133 species of birds. In addition, there are 4 types of monkeys, namely: the Patas, the Green Vervet, Red Colobus and Galagos (forest babies).

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