Paradise Beach

This beach is great! On this “Bounty beach” you will forget all your worries and you can really put yourself in relax mode.

You can sunbathe on the white sandy beach, have lunch / dinner at the beachbar or just walking along the surf where the waves are rushing and the palm trees are waving, all in a beautiful bay.
Exotic shells automatically roll onto the beach, this attracts Gambian women to make shell-bracelets and necklaces on the spot.

Do you still feel that, despite the sea breeze, the sun is just too hot? Then lie down on a beachbed under one of the parasols or cool yourself under the selfmade beach shower made out of a recycled oil drum.

Of course you can also take a dip in the ocean but keep in mind that many Gambian beaches have very strong currents where it gets deeper, so don’t go too deep.

If you like fish then you should definitely order this at the beachbar, the fish seems to have jumped right from the sea onto your plate, that fresh!

Het strandDe provisorisch gebouwde stranddouche
Af en toe loopt er ook gewoon een koe langs!De strandbar Meeuwen in de branding

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