Toubacouta fishing village

This excursion lasts a whole day. Remember to bring your passport as we will cross the border!

We’ll leave early in the morning to cross the river from Banjul to Barra.
The first ferry of the day takes you to the north bank of the Gambia River in one hour. This trip is an adventure in itself. From there we will drive to The Gambia / Senegal border where our passports will be stamped.

In Senegal, we’ll drive to Toubacouta: a fishing village, situated in the Sine Saloum delta. This delta is a maze of large and small mangrove creeks and about three hundred islands, which also vary in size.

It is also possible to visit a Senegalese school, founded by Dutch donors.

De ferryOok het vee mag mee!
SchoolkinderenEen hut in Toubacouta

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